My new Computer Konfiguration

Hello Everyone,

i want to buy a new Computer, because the one i own right now is nearly seven years old ;)

I hope i can realize the build as soon as possible. I live in Germany so the Prices are in Euro!

Please keep that in mind and also all parts are from one Internetside. If u find the parts cheaper on other sites it would be nice if u write it to me.


I will use the PC mostly for Audio- and Videoeditting as well as gaming. Later on i will study programming and i dont know what programms i will use then.

Videoeditting Programm: Corel Video Studio PRO X3

Audioeditting Programm: Creative WaveStudio 7

Games: ANNO Series, Crysis Series, mostly MMORPGs or MOBA games.


So here is my build, have fun with it ^^:


Processor: AMD FX 8350 4,0 GHz  (Alternate: 167€)

Mainborad: GIGABYTE GA-990FXA-UD3  (Alternate: 114,90€)

RAM: PATRIOT DIMM 8GB DDR3-2133 MHz Viper 3 Venom Red  (Alternate: 78,90€)

Graphicscard: SAPPHIRE DUAL-X AMD R9 280X  (Alternate: 289€)

SSD: ADATA XPG SX900 128 GB  (Alternate: 89,90€)

HDD: Western Digital WD10EZRX Blue 1TB  (Alternate: 54,90€)

Power: Seasonic SS650HT  (Alternate: 93,90€)

CPU Cooler: Cooler Master Hyper T4  (Alternate: 24,99€)

Case: Fractal Design Define R4  (Alternate: 84,90€)

Blue-Ray Combo: ASUS BC-12D2HT  (Alternate: 59,90€)


Please be free to critizise parts that u think are to weak, unnecessary or "Overkill".


Excellent! If you have additional funds you could purchase a dedicated sound card , if you need it. 

Pretty good build!  I do prefer the Asus M5A99fx Pro r2.0 or Asus M5A99X Evo as they have digi+ VRMs, though.  Look into them, as they're often cheaper than that gigabyte board.

Since you're also going to be audio editing, I'm going to suggest that you might want to have a soundcard in there as well as a motherboard's onboard sound is just fine for gaming, but not that good for sound editing.

Otherwise it looks pretty good to me.

is that RAM kit 2 sticks, 4GB each? if not, find one that is. they tend to work better.

alles anders sieht gut.


The RAM kit consists of 2 Sticks with 4 GB each :D

For the Soundcard, i chose the Soundblaster Audigy Rx  (Alternate:64,90€)

I think that it will word with the Creative WaveStudio, because it has a compability-mode which uses the installed Creative Soundcards. If u have a better one for the Job pls tell me ^^