My New Case is up and running + pics

Case pwns the stacker 830 so badly.




Very nice, man. You may get some shit around here for having a GTX 260/280(can't tell which you have here, looks like an 8), but I say power to ya brother. Pale blue memory, looks to be G-Skill, sweet brand. What chipset mobo do you have? Judging by it being an EVGA SLI board, my money's on the 750i FTW.

How warm am I? lol

Awesome build man, wat CPU you got? I bet that smokes most games

sadly i know its a gtx 280 and an evga 780i. i remember random shit, dunno why

The Zalman cooler looks pretty sweet in there too .. what is your cpu and cpu speed/temps?

Sweet thermaltake armor+

I envy you(:

Q9450 stock 2.66ghz will OC when i can afford water cooling. temps are about 30c i belive my thermal is not at its hour yet. i heard AC5 takes 200 hours. My temps were better with the stacker 830 evo due to more fans. CPU was the same

some more pics



I love that zalman cooler

i hate it.

It looks awesome lit up

trust me if u saw the temps ull hate it. :)

Wouldn't matter if it was the copper based anyway. That cooler is just coated nickel.