My New Case / Build - Silverstone Fortress FT01B-W

hey guys, finally my stuff arrived all the way from America so i could start my build, and i got it all finished today :)

heres some pics, what do you think?








I took this one before i took the top hard drive cage out, but i like the pic so w.e :)


hope you like it, thx :)

edit: Specs are:

[email protected]

Asus P35 P5K-E

4GB Kingston PC2-8500

GTX 260-216

150GB Raptor

250GB F1

Corsair 520w

Asus Xonar DX


Looks really nice man. Love the cable management good job.

very clean, very slick, definitely diggin it my man.

Epic cable management, and great looking case ;)

Dang that case is small. :o

Nice cable management though.

That case is sexy, good build.... Now all you need is some neon lights and hella tricked out mods yo and liek led fanz


If I were you I'd get a new mobo, P35 has PCIe 1.0 x16. Go P45.

But its not a huge deal I guess, enjoy your build.

thanks for the kind comments guys:)

oh sweet dude thats an awesome build

great job on the cables and thats on sexy looking case

edit: we have the same dvd drive lol

Wow that looks clean man.

Gratz XD

im loving the cable management.

nice man. we have the same motherboard.

Awesome build man.

The Build looks amazing, especially the cable management and the case itself

Nice build, love the case as well!