My new build

I would like your opinion on this build. I will be using this for developing, gaming and editing media. Do you guys think this will last at least 2 years?

It looks good. One thing that you should check is that optical drive, 109 dollars seems high. It could be correct but that isnt really necessary.

I actually wanted a quick Optical Drive. Thanks for your input

few changes

Major changes.

First of all, for $2500, you can get a whole lot more punch than a 780ti, 8350, and 32GB of high-speed high-latency vanity RAM.


4930k - 6 cores, 12 threads, of PCIe 3.0 and USB 3.0 native ass whooping. For any real rendering/editing, the per-core of Intel will be a huge benefit. Plus, you have a lot more expandability in terms of PCIe lanes and memory; up to 64GB memory, and 40 PCIe 3.0 lanes (compared to the 32 PCIe 2.0 lanes of the 8350). Just all around better CPU, incredible raw performance.


Obviously, you need a different mothebroad for a different socket CPU. The Asrock Extreme6 X79 is a very solid board for overclocking, has a nice general feature set, supports 64GB high-speed memory (up to 2400mHz), and up to 3-way SLI/CF (which generally is the best scaling). Nice board, great price.

CPU Cooler:

I've always loved Dark Rock. The Shadow Rock 2 is the baby brother of the Dark RockPro 2, but is still enough for a 4.6gHz OC if you have a decent CPU. Great looks, good p/p, and a nice performance range for moderate to high-end daily OCs.


32GB of RAM for almost $400? Never spend more money on memory than on your CPU and mobo combined. G.Skill is a very nice company, overall, with their high-end modules, including Ripjaws X, Sniper, and Trident X. For the price, you can't get better memory than the 2x8GB kits of Ripjaws X (in blue). 1866mHz @ CL9, 1.5V. Plenty fast, 32GB of it, and great module quality - good to undervolt/tighten the timings, if you want to tinker.


It's 2013, almost 2014; HDDs are improving, yes, but SSDs are a standard now. With large SSDs getting cheaper and cheaper, why not get the top-of-the-line 1TB model from Samsung? 500MBps R/W, nice build quality, and one of the best price/GB SSDs out there. 1TB of SSD is a great investment, but if it isn't enough, I included a 2TB consumer-level "server" HDD. Nice speeds for a 7200rpm, and relatively low failure rate.


The pricing on the 780ti must be a joke; for less than half the price, you could get a 280X that, at 1080p, in gaming, would be just as good, capable of maxing 60Hz monitors. However, if you want more, there is the 290/290X. I chose the 290, since you can unlock it to a 290X for 95% of the real world performance. Fantastic card, even if it can be loud and hot. That's what custom loops are for! Great raw performance, just kind of  loud if you have a bad case in terms of acoustics. Speaking of which...


I mentioned a custom loop, and acoustics. The Arc Midi R2 is a great little case for WCing, is relatively noise-isolating, and is build really well for the price. Sure, you can get better cases, but it terms of cable management, WC support, and out-of-box capablities, for the price, the Arc Midi R2 is king.


Regarding cable management, a fully modular unit is very nice to deal with. You chose a decent unit, the RM850, but you almost got a double-sized unit, and an overpriced one at that, not to mention how physically large it is. I recommend, for pretty much any rig over $1300, the Seasonic X650, because it is a fantastic unit. 80+ Plat on cold loads, sub 20mV ripple, and enough connectors and power for another 290 in the future. Great unit, easy to sleeve (relatively), great warranty, amazing build quality; sets the standard for 650W PSUs.

That's what I'd get.

Best reply on a build yet. Well put Brennanriddel!

That is a hell of a good reply. Thanks.