My new build is finally done

I just got a call from the shop that my new CPU is arriving tomorrow so my rig is complete. Here are the specs:


CPU: AMD FX-8350

GPU: AMD Radeon 6850 1GB

RAM: 2x4GB CORSAIR VengeanceLP [email protected]

PSU: Xigmatek NRP-VC503 500W


I decided to keep my 6850 from my old PC for now at least, because I play on 1280x1024 (yeah its funny I know). What do you think? Can this thing last for 2-3 years while running all games maxed out? I got my Phenom II X4 925 in 2010 and I felt that I need to update just now. I hope the FX will last even longer.

get Gigabyte GA-970A-UD3 ATX AM3+ Motherboard and buy some decent PSU, like: Cooler Master 620W

Pics or it didn't happen


Yeah I will buy a better PSU after while for sure!