My new build good?

NZXT Switch 810 Matte Black - £125.94

Motherboard - Asus Z87 MAXIMUS VI EXTREME - £314.99

CPU - i7 4770k - £252.94

WINDOWS 7 Professional - £150

SSD - Samsung 500gb EVO - £289.99

GPU - MSI GTX 780 - £500x2

PSU -     Corsair AX1200i - £230.97

CPU Cooler - Corsair h100i - £88.98


HDD - Seagate Barracuda 3TB - £85

Mouse - Logitech G600 MMO Mouse - £48.99

RAM - Patriot Venom ram - £140

Monitor - Asus PB278Q - £473.89

            TOTAL - £3263.19 / $5051.42



           what do you think of this build?

Is this build purely for gaming?

and rendering

This is the worst build I've seen. The specs are way too low and won't even run Doom 3 at 20 FPS! LOL

Joking aside, that is a BEAST of a system, if anything it's overkill. It will most definitely last you forr years to come. It's a very good build.

Alright that explains the 4770k.

With the 1200i psu you could drop down to a 760i if you must have the sleeved cable kit along side with it. Or you could go with a cheaper seasonic psu with better efficiency.

Are you going to do more than 2-way sli with the 780's?

And what resolution are you going to be using?