My new build e3-v5 vs i7?

hey guys I'm doing a new build for uni so i has figured most of it out going with the and fury wind force for GPU 16GB DDR4 not sure on a brand yet as i want it to mach the MOBO, 2 Patriot BLAST 480GB SSD in raid 1 as it will hold my my uni work only thing I'm struggling with is the choice of cpu after looking at the xeon e3-1270 and the Gigabyte Intel X170 Extreme ECC and watching the review i like the looks of it but how will the cpu compare to the i7-6700 i know i don't need the ECC but i really like the looks and they are priced about the same in the UK i7 being around £312 and the E3 is £315.

the difference of the i7 vs the Xeon (to you anyway) is the Xeon has ECC ram, the i7 can overclock.

personally I don't think it really maters, but since you're going X170, I say get the Xeon, and 32gb of ECC ram.

thanks man tbh the only cpu heavy software i has to use is solid works, a cad program but it's cpu bound for rendering. will ECC ram make that much difference i know it will self correct error and give grater stability but is it worth the extra cost?

the 6700 is not overclockable and turbos to 4ghz. the 1270 turbos to 3.8. just get a 1230 v5. same clock speed and newer architecture and it works on the lga151 motherboards (h110/b150/h170/z170 iirc) and it'll probably be cheaper then the 1270.

and xeons are made for server and other enterprise work and do better vs the i7's for long term use and being left on for months or years. they can also use ECC if you want it. a unlocked more expensive i7 6700k with a z170 board can be overclocked and hit around 4.5 ghz generally with a decent cooler. that being said you are paying a premium for the z170 board, the k cpu, the cpu cooler, and the life of the cpu will be shorter.

i went the xeon side and set mine to 3.8 and left it there. their will be a small fps drop on some games vs a i7 6700, however the xeon does better for some types of work and you can use a cheap cooler + cheaper board and pay much less s the i7 route.

sorry the price of the i7 was for the k part i am coming from the 4790k but i had to sell my pc a few month back hadn't look at the 1230 but will consider it as it is almost £100 cheaper and i only have £1000. Which MOBO did you go for?

since this is a budget build i would use
however i like the asus boards better for the uefi. for this i would only get 16gb of ram unless you absolutely need more. only thing i can think of that would need more is running raid + freenas in virtual machine + more vm's and gaming with a lot of chrome pages open. and with that you could get away with 24. 32 is overkill.

also you might want to look at the muskin reactor series ssd's.

greater stability, and you can use it as a server later no problem.