My new and first PC build

I've been toying around with the idea of building my own PC for about a week now and I just recently ordered the case and I am currently waiting for it to arrive. The case I plan to use is a Enermax ECA3321b, and I don't know if it is really designed for liquid cooling but I do plan to use a cooling system from Corsair. This will be my first time using liquid cooling and from all the videos on how to install a liquid cooling system I am confident I can do it. Ok now the motherboard is on this link...>
All of the stuff for my PC will be from unlike Amazon honestly. shipping prices are little high for me. On to the processor I have something I think would be pretty good for not only basic computing but I do plan to do some gaming..Here you go >
Heres the link for the Corsair liquid cooler I plan to use also..>
Lemme know what you guys think on my first rig and if you happen to have any advice please lemme know and here are the links for the ram, and video card I plan to use..>>

I also have a pretty good name I have for my first time build and I like the name JARVIS like off Iron man. Lemme know what you think.

Would be nice if you could answer these helpful questions written up by a helpful person (@NJM1112) that'll help us be more helpful in helping you thanks to the helpful answers.
please help
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I need help I think I mweam mweow meow mreow mrow.
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I need help I think I mweam mweow meow mreow mrow.

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Okay. First things first:

So you decided to go with a FM2+ APU which is AMD's value processor line that incorporates a GPU on the processor. You can also go with the AMD 860K which is basically the same chip without the GPU (which you do not need since you have a dedicated GPU in your plan). Saving you money in the process. Plus the 860K is a quadcore whereas your CPU would be a Dual Core.

Your mainboard has the A78 chipset. For the same price there are some A88X chipset mainboards which is the best you can get for the FM2+ socket.

Watercooling: An AIO (All in One watercooler) is overkill for what you have in mind. Your CPU has a TDP of 65 Watt (TDP being a measure that indicates what kind of cooling solution should be chosen) which is very little. Watercooling might be cool for bragging rights but is more of a money sink unless you are going to overclock the heck out of your CPU. I highly doubt that the APU will be producing more heat than any decent air cooler can handle. So an AIO is not necessary. Plus your case is spacious and will not really heat up all that much.

Belive me: I overspent on a CPU cooler too and my CPU does only touch 45°C if the room is at 29°C and I ran both a 125W TDP FX-4170 and a 95W TDP FX-8320E, both from AMD and not famous for running really cool.

But unless you cough up a budget figure we can't really help you. Please read the link @SpaceCat posted, it really asks all the right questions.

Well when I was putting the specs for my PC together I wanted to incorporate the best and mistakenly chose a processor with APU capabilities that I dont want so what would you recommend as far a good AMD processor? As far as my mother board, Im honestly happy with it and I would like to keep it unless it absolutely necessary to switch to something else with a FM2+ socket. And finally I figured since its my first build/rig I wanted to kinda try my hand at doing liquid cooling even though I have very little experience with it, I would like to have something dependable and different than the traditional cooling fan. Im not quite sure what you mean by over kill but honestly I figured it would work pretty good but over all this is my first build so Im gonna wanna try certain things. I mainly want a PC that supports AMD graphics and processor with water cooling but not if its gonna be too much. I do plan to do more than the basic computing and gaming so what would you recommend for me?

Use this to get a build list

Otherwise, what's your total budget?

buy intel, or wait for new amd cpus

I refuse to use Intel on my machine lol I dont know why but I will not rely on intels cpu to run my computer. I honestly hear that AMD cpus are better as far as performance for gaming and I have alittle more of a better experience with AMD processors than Intel. Right now Im on my optiplex 775 and it has Intel Core 2 Duo and I hate the fact that Im actually having to use this machine right now. I want to go all AMD on my rig.

If I had to guess, my budget would revolve around 4-500 dollars because the parts are about 40-50-60 dollars each and theyre different brands like Corsair, EVGA, AMD, Samsung and MSI. I posted what my parts were gonna be earlier so check out the links, Now I did change my CPU to and AMD Athlon x4 ..> heres the link for that..
I was told that my last CPU had GPU build in and I didnt want that so yeah and also even if it did have GPU would I still be able to use a video card of my choice?

Use partpicker. It makes things 110% easier, for people to see your build and pricings, and give you better ones.
There's also the possibility of finding better deals through there too.

Going on this budget of $500 and getting things solely from newegg, I'd suggest this:

In the first build you grabbed an AIO and that had some dire consequences for your GPU. At this price range, I wouldn't bother getting an aftermarket cooler - stick the money into other components, they'll have much greater benefit to your experience using the machine, in this case, considering it's for gaming, the 860k will suffice for a CPU, being a quad core, and overclockable if you do grab an aftermarket cooler, it's not that bad, and it definitely won't hold back a 380 too badly. I'd usually suggest grabbing an i3 over an 860k as it allows for a better upgrade path without replacing the motherboard but there isn't the budget for it unless the case, PSU and GPU was shaved down on a bit much.

Well to my understanding using an aftermarket liquid cooler would result in a much better experience with the gaming especially on AMD processors as well as overclocking it. Now I have done some research and both air coolers and liquid coolers are just about the same in this category but I just feel like liquid cooling would be alittle better unless Im wrong. I want to get all the right parts for my PC but if I have to then Ill compromise.

Yeah, unless you're severely cutting down on your GPU, an equally if not more important component when it comes to how well you'll be getting most games to run. Which you are, to get an AIO in a $500 build.
It's all a big balancing act.

This is gonna be the video card that I want to use..
So I think its going to be OK since Im going to use a CPU without GPU graphics integration, I changed that last night and its also a quad core...Im not really seeing anything wrong with the specs I want to use and again to my understanding and after doing more research using a liquid cooler is better for gaming on PC rather than an air cooler. What would you recommend for me?

Yes, it is, but to get that water cooler you're getting a terrible GPU for this price range.
The benefit of having a water cooler is not greater than the benefit of getting a better GPU with the extra money you'd otherwise be spending upon a water cooler!
All the water cooler's going to allow you to do is overclock your CPU, and not that much either considering it's a 120mm AIO. You would benefit WAY more from spending the money you'd otherwise be putting into the aforementioned cooler into your GPU instead and getting a 380, which'll smash that 360.
You can either get that AIO and maybe gain 2-3fps in games from overclocking...
...or get a better GPU than that 360 (a 380, per se, alike in the build I suggested), and gain at least, if not greater than 5x that.

Tom's hardware's benches of the 370, 380 and 390X show around a 10fps difference between the 370 and 380 in all the games tested, and that's the 370. Not the 360.,4178-6.html

What you'd get from OCing your 860k? practically zilch compared to that.

OK so what is it that I need to take a look at changing on my system? Here are the links for what Im going to use. this is the motherboard. this is the CPU. this is the ram. here is the liquid cooler.
You already know what video card Ill be using so eh... here is the power supply. This is what I have so far. Name what I need to change within my budget and Ill see what I can find.

Drop the CPU cooler because it's an inefficient use of your money at this price point and get a 380 instead, Preferably one with 4GB of VRAM. So, this:

NEWEGG - CPU (Athlon 860K)
NEWEGG - Motherboard (GIGABYTE GA-F2A78M-D3H)
NEWEGG - RAM (8GB of 1600Mhz C11 (not the best timing but whatever)
NEWEGG - HDD (Seagate 1TB 7200RPM)
NEWEGG - GPU (Powercolour 4GB R9 380)
NEWEGG - Case (CM Silencio 352)
NEWEGG - PSU (Rosewill Glacier-600M, 600W, semi modular)

The H55 is rubbish. Performs worse than the Hyper 212, which is $20 less expensive.

Intel CPUs are better in some games, because of the higher instructions per clock, but AMD CPUs provide better price to performance.

Well...Nice selection lol. I already got a case and it just arrived today, its the Enermax Thorex so thats good to go. I literally had that same motherboard bookmarked so great minds think alike on that, I just might check that out instead..the HDD I honestly dont want bc I want to have speed and reliability so I wanna go for a samsung 250 GB SSD and I like the ran I already have selected...Oh yeah looking at what I have selected I just might use your PSU instead.

The GPU is what'd be making the big difference here.
That H55 is a giant waste of money.
If you'd answer the questions in the topic linked before I'd be able to give much better advice.