My networked printer on a chromebook ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

I am fairly annoyed I must ask how to setup my printer I feel like a grandpa

a samsung CLP-300N its connected to my home network, its too old and chrome os does not automatically configure for it, it gives me the option to gives it a PPD file but I dont got that what I dooo??

obviously it works fine on windows, real Linux and also fine from usb on the same chromebook just adding this information to avoid having to explain that later

I also don’t wanna setup google cloud print from a windows machine on the network.

Do you by any chance have a raspberry pi lying around, or perhaps an openwrt compatible router, or anything you could convert into a print server?

If you don’t need to print often, perhaps you could install cups into a Linux VM on your chromebook.

I used to have a clp-320 until a year or two ago (got tumbled during a move and I just had to recycle it, toner and sensors don’t mix well). If clp-300n is similar, then, afaik, they don’t support any standard pwg approved (aka. driverless) ipp formats, and they require a custom compiled cups filter. There’s opensource support for SPL - you don’t need blobs from Samsung, but that code still needs to run on something.


that makes sense your solutions seem pretty reasonable thanks bro

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