My neighbor wants a cheap smartphone

Hey guys, I need a bit of help here.

My old neighbor wants a new smart phone. He will be making phone calls, taking a couple of pictures, and he MIGHT check his emails once in a blue moon.

My issue is that I want him to get something that just plain works, and also something that has decent customer support. That way if he drops it or if the phone isn't working properly then he can get help with it.

I think he will probably be using AT&T for service, and his budget will be 500 and below. He would actually rather stay closer to the 200 dollar mark.

I was thinking that he should go with the iphone SE because of apple customer support, but I really do not want him to be getting constant messages about updates and itunes.

I think the nexus 5x would have been absolutely perfect for him, but I think its pretty much gone by now.

If you guys have any thoughts, please let me know.



moto e

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Get an optimus G. Cheap, runs great, looks nice. Good battery too.

I would go with my smartphone...
Sony Xperia E4...
I have it for almost 2 years now.
Grab a decent case for it - indestructible...
It's capsulated, so if the battery dies - that's it, but it's solid phone with amazingly high build quality and it works.
IDK, I have tormented it with so many things and being barman it had it's fair share of liquid spilages and dropping on the grounds and dropping stuff on top of it...


cheap phone with excellent custom rom support for $169. also with specs that rival a Nexus 5x

@kewldude007 @FaunCB @Kat @psycho_666

Thanks for the suggestions. I am trying to go through them all.

The moto E is probably a bit cheaper than necessary. What about the moto G4 plus? Very impressive specs and a really decent size battery for 250 bucks. But how is customer support? If you bring a GSM phone into the AT&T store and ask for a repair or help in general I would imagine they would tell you to fuck off.

The optimus G doesn't really seem to be for sale. I can only find refurbished ones. I am assuming I am missing something?


Its a solid phone, but again my concern would be customer support. If I thought that a chinese phone would work for him, I would just tell him to cough up the money for the ZTE axon 7 and I would call it a day.

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you dont need impressive specs for the requirements you've laid out

Nexus 5x isn't a bad choice neither is the Nextbit.

No, it is an older phone, but it was 400 something when I got min new and they can be had for about 100 now. That was all.

Ah. NVM. I was looking at the moto E. Not the E3.

But that raises a new issue. There does not seem to be a way to purchase the E3 from a reputable source. It is either flip cart, or some random person on amazon.

What gives?

I would recommend the moto G at 129 and Republic wireless at 15 buck a month.

I'm 54 and apparently people my age are the only ones who use a smartphone to just make phone calls and that's it.

At 129 it is easily replacable so I don't know about costomer support. It get's abused in the truck but did get replaced when I dropped it.

Only issue was deleting all the stuff I will never use. I still like paper calenders on the fridge.

I go to Clark Howards site for saving money stuff