My Music - not entirely sure if I'm allowed to do this

I don't know if this goes against forum rules, or at the very least forum courtesy here. And normally, I don't like making a big deal about my own music because, well, it's definitely not twerk-tastic, Anaconda (that might actually be a blessing. But you get the point)

But, this is also the first song I have actually done in 5 months and considering it's related to gaming since it features a sample from Borderlands 2 I figured maybe I'll share it, and if the forum members here shame me for daring to post my own links, then, so be it. I guess you live and learn.

Or honestly, what I really imagine happening is no one will care and the post will sink, hahahaha.

(it's free to download, along with all the rest of my music.)

I can't stop making DOOM and Silent Hill inspired music.

It's maybe the worst in existence compared to other work with FL Studio, but I've had a few people say it's worth listening to.

Still learning.

I have made much worse 

Sharing is fine. Just don't advertise.

"We encourage you to post links to your creations; however, advertising is verboten. Feel free to share your art (music, videos, video games, mods, etc.). Do not share a link to your online store."

Oh wow! After checking back to this thread after a couple of days and just seeing it sink, I thought that was the end of it, hahahaha.

Glad to see I have a few responses!


Well, technically I don't know if that link is breaking the rules. Although I'm not trying to shove my music in the face of every forum member trying to sell my music to them, the link I included DOES offer the option to spend money on my music (but only if they want.)

I'm guessing, however, if that was outside of the rules, this thread either would have had the link edited out or would have just been locked, so I am assuming my link is within safe bounds. Otherwise I can remove the Bandcamp link and post the Soundcloud link instead - i just don't monitor my Soundcloud as much as my bandcamp.

Hey! First off, thanks for actually acknowledging the post, hahahaha. I was damn near certain this was just going to sink.

Hey, we all start out somewhere, I sometimes egotistically feel my music is fairly decent quality, but the rational side of me tells me that my ego is wrong. Point is; we got to start somewhere, and while I can say how long I have been doing music, I don't think it accurately reflects any skill, it's just your ability to learn.

I do love working on computer music quite a bit though and will gladly pass any knowledge your way if you have questions. I don't use FL studio (I tried it, just didn't like it very much), I use Mixcraft 6, but somethings about how to achieve certain effects and sound are outside of the DAW, and those are the things I don't mind sharing my knowedge on :)

In fact on the KVRaudio forums I use to help out a lot of the "noob" electronic producers that came to the forum by going as far as writing and recording a whole tutorial. I don't know if I have the time to do that any more, but hell, I see what I can do if you ever want help! ^^

At the moment I am listening to your stuff, it does seem a little rough around the edges as far as mixing goes, but one could say that's enduring.

Best of luck to your musical endeavors! I've gone ahead and followed you on Soundcloud because...fuck it, why not. No need to return the favor.