My moto e screen is cracked need new phone

I use Snapchat, Youtube, Netflix, Vine, Twitter and need a new phone I loved my moto e but its broke and I need a new phone

I am selling a Moto G if you are interested, how much are you willing to spend? LINK to my post.

If you are not interested, why not a DIY repair?

Here is the link to the Moto E XT 1022 Black LCD and Digitizer LINK

Here is the link to the Moto E XT 1022 White LCD and Digitizer LINK 

I am not sure about the Moto E XT 1021 though.

I think i may see if I can get the latest moto g but if i cant ill see if i can ;) also i dont have the tools or patients for the DIY screen repair thanks for the feed back

If you don't mind me asking what do you plan to do with the broken E?

I really dont know lol

If you want to sell it just PM me. Might be interested.