My most recent Budget build

So I am proud to announce that I have build my new/used gaming desktop. Glad to be back in that community after using a puny laptop, my Acer Aspire E5-551-T374. Seeing I was having CPU throttling problems due to the BIOS not working correctly, I made my decision to blow an entire paycheck on my Gaming RIG. Here are the specs and the overall budget was $340

-Intel Pentium G3258, using stock cooler for now
-MSI Z97 PC Mate
-Enermax Ostrog Mid Tower Case
-Sapphire Radeon HD 7950 3GB
-EVGA 600B 600 Watt Power Supply
-8GB Adata XPG 1600Mhz DDR3
WD Black RE4 1TB (cannibalized


Here is the pricing:

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Sooo... Cngrats. Now you can't play any new games, that ask for more than 2 cores, because you don't have them...
Still there is plenty of gaming to be had on this system :)

There's always google. Even though it's a dual core, keeps up with the 860K

Congrats and bravo.
80 bucks for 1700+ steam processors!!!!!!! You lucky dog!!!!!
I'm guessing that after Zen 1150 I5's will be on sale.
Again nice build:)

Thanks man! I did my best, but I'll be using a monitor at 1400x900 :( but the FPS will be good :)

Nice clean build!

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Very nice little build!

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Thank you very much! Feels good to have a desktop again. I think I dod very well with thr cable management to!


Would send a photo of mine, but you can picture search for "noodle salad" yourself.
MAYBE when I upgrade my system and clean everything up...