My monitor overclocking woes

So some of you might have seen me post some monitor overclocking questions in the past. Here's where things are at right now.

I've now tried overclocking 5 panels now. Some I've owned, some I've borrowed. Some of those labels have been really good monitors that have been known to OC like champs. But of course with my luck, no slice.

So I go to my local computer part awesome store and buy the cheapest 1080p 27inch monitor they had. Trust me this thing is nothing to brag about. So I plug it in go to try overclocking again just for shits and giggles.

85hz.......FML. No tearing no frame dropping. Tested if with a frame skipping program and its buttery smooth.

So moral of the story is if you want to overclock a panel buy the cheapest thing you can! All the other ones wouldn't go past 63hz.

Or just be smart and buy a 144hz panel lol.