My Mobile WiFi Speeds Are Faster Than Ethernet?

So i am expiriencing some strange issues with my internet speeds,

so decided to do a mobile speed test using my WiFi and on my Ethernet connected PC.

And i got some interesting results...

The average speeds on my PC:                               (ADSL, Mobo:MSI Z77-G43)

15MB/s, 1MB/s and 13ms ping

And on my phone using the same ADSL connection:          (Airport Express 5TH, Samsung Galaxy Note II)

16MB/s,1.5MB/s and 13ms Ping

PS: I turned of all internet services on my PC during the test


Is it possible that my speeds are being so throttled because of the ADSL that my phone and my PC is showing similar results?


Thank You In Advance


It usually varies on the time of day. It also changed often to.

I'm assuming he did these tests during relatively the same time....your point is moot.

What model is the ethernet port on your motherboard? Is it made by Intel, Realtek, Marvell?

Realtek PCIe GBE Family Controller and newest drivers and yes i did them within the minute of the mobile one and and did several and those are the averages above.

That's probably your problem. Realtek makes crappy controllers. You'd notice an immediate difference if you went out and bought an Intel ethernet card. 

Yes i was going to buy a new ethernet card as soon i get an upgraded connection from 14MB/s to 50MB/s


Yeah, my family just upgraded to 50 down and 10 up because it was cheaper to get that with a cable package than it was to stay on the plan we were already on. My Intel port on my motherboard is giving me 55 down, but that's also because comcast is just cool that way.