My mega hashes keep dropping to kilo hashes in

So I start up GUIMiner and start mining. It works just fine for about 10 - 15 minutes, then all of a sudden, I go from around 530 MEGA hashes all the way down 600ish KILO hashes.


Does anybody know what the problem is? 

Sounds like your GPU is unstable. What is it and what temp is it getting. (also is it overclocked and by how much)

I'm not using it right now to mine, but at the time it was maxing out at 73 degrees. It was overclocked to 1100 core and 1200 memory. I wasn't seeing any particles on my screen though. 


So what do you suggest? 

If i were you drop it down to stock clock or if you know what your doing, up the voltage

Unfortunately, I picked up a 7950 with a preset voltage setting, so I can't change it.



So I guess I'll just lower the core clock speeds.