My Mbr keeps getting corrupted

My ssd "samsumg 840 pro 126gb" might be corrupted. some say it is my motherboard, The MBR is corrupted so it never boots in to the os. I don't know how to fix it. I know this is a bad explanation but help would be awesome. thank you for reading. :)

Probably just best to do a fresh WIndows install. Fixing things manually takes too long for my liking. lol

well if you have a windows install disk and you go to recovery console, you can write a new master boot record.(this option does not overwrite your patition table)

  1. Boot from your CD
  2. if install screen appears click on repair computer
  3. choose command prompt
  4. type: bootrec.exe /fixmbr
  5. if you get the message fixing was succesfull, then take out the cd and reboot and look if it boots again.

If it still not boots. then try to write a new boot sector to your system partition.

  1. Go back to the command prompt again, like in the previous steps again
  2. typ command bootrec.exe /fixboot
  3. if operation was succesfull, reboot and look again.

Still no succes..

Reinstall windows.haha

Grtz Angel ☺

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+1 Have used this method before with great success. Usually without having to re-install OS

Related question: if the Volume Boot Record is corrupted and needs to be fixed, will the OS load?

Then you probably need to do the second option, write a new boot sector to your system partition.