My life is complete, I have found the answer to everything!

What is this... I don't even... what?

um..... well that happened.... 


i hate you

Ok... I'm going to walk out of here now. Hope you find your way out of that side of YouTube.


He resembles a pink version of Tingles from Mojora's Mask....

Someone do me a favor..... Invent the technology required to punch him through the computer..... Send it to me..... walk away....

Its prince vultan, not zoltan. zoltan is an amazing person who has great incite on linux while I, well, Im not even sure what to call it. But yes, this is his ringtone. I figured it out while hiding under his bed.

I love you too anarekist!

you only hate it because Prince Vultan found your ringtone.


He doesn't care. He's an anarekist.

There should be rules against this

thanks internet. I needed a daily dose of wtf

....A common comedy trope using a serious character and an inept character to produce a slapstick style production employing the use of homosexual overtones that results in a VERY mediocre styling of Chris Farley and David Spade. "balls in ma face" guy just needs to be overweight and the cliche will be complete.


+1 for the professional quality content review 

finally, someone who understands. Where are the homosexaul overtones?