My L1 KVM Switch is Beeping

Short bursts of 2 beeps. Irregular intervals.

What does it mean?

I played around with this and it seems to have stopped. Not sure what exactly did it…

Double-tap numlock to do a soft-reset on the USB hub (some USB peripherals do not like to be connected to a KVM!)
Double-tap scroll lock followed by 1-4 to switch between inputs without using the buttons on the front of the KVM.

@wendell does the beeping indicate something about the USB hub?

Do you have a Logitech wireless receiver? Sometimes old receivers cause issues. They have some bugs and want to be power cycled when you switch inputs.

Double tapping scroll lock then an invalid key can so it. You could also have hit the auto switch input which switches inputs every thirty seconds or so

I don’t.

Cat likes to walk on the keyboard, so that’s a possibility.

I actually wasn’t aware of (or forgot about) this feature. How do you enable/disable it?


I am expanding the rear, switched USB3 port with this Startech hub. It’s been setup that way for a while though and no issues until now.

I’d power cycle the hub and maybe kvm. It’s probably ok. Things get wonky with USB in general when you have powered hubs or devices. Lmk if it keeps up.

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