My keyboard is too hefty can I fix?

I got this keyboard a wile back on sale and its fine but the thing is I like to rest it on my knees wile I sit in a lazy boy recliner with it plugged into a usb extension cable.

The problem with this is its heavy enough that its uncomfortable. I feel like the internal components could not be all that heavy and maybe it is weighted because a lot of people like there keyboard a bit weighty for some reason I don’t understand.

To open it up and look I think I would have to take off all the key caps and that would be a pain in the b-hole. I don’t really like work so I came here to ask if I am likely correct before I bother

MX caps are easy enough to take off, they are designed to be replaceable so it will not be that hard. it should have come with a cap puller. If not you can make one from paperclips.

Yeah but I don’t wanna unless I can actually succeed

Yeah its called use a mini desk.

Depends on many factors and how far you want to go with the modding.

In all likely hood they used a steel plate for the switch mounting which would be reasonably heavy. These can be swapped for Aluminium plates usually but if it is a custom one for that board you would need one that is the same in ever way to work, or in other words you would need to have a plate made for the purpose.

Further from this the plate is sandwiched between the switches and the PCB they are soldered to. So the replace the switch plate you would need to desolder all the switches before taking off the plate and replacing it with your own.

This is likely where the majority of the weight lies, but I will look into it further to see if there is anything else like if anyone has dome a disassembly on the board to check it out.

i’m a welder and machinest so making my own plate would be doable maybe out of machined plastic but yeah that seems like too much work

as for useing a mini desk nah I like it raw, its just not the same with a barrier in between

you may be able to change the chassis to something lighter, but ultimately, I think you would be better served with a %60 or smaller keyboard. I just bought This keyboard a few weeks ago. While it is not using Cherry MX, it has switches that feel very much like blues with a lower actuation point, though it says it tries to emulate Greens. For $45 it is a DAMN good board AND waterproof. It also has very little flex. There is no creaking when “testing” it for flex and I am a pretty strong guy.