My keyboard battle (last 5 years)

Keyboard battle...


  1. Razer Blackwidow Ultimate 2012 £120
  2. Logitech K200 £5
  3. Razer Blackwidow Ultimate 2014 £130
  4. Razer Blackwidow 2014 £60
  5. Logitech K120 £5
  6. Corsair K70 RGB MX Brown £140

Which wins?
Well it's a trade off betwen the K120 and K200 logitech keyboards. Hell of a lot faster to type on them, quieter and still have multi key press capabilities, which a lot of people say "no it dont /cry /shout bla bla bla". So seems mechanical = waste of money, huge waste of money.

I bought the K120 and K200 many years before all the others, they are still going, all the mechanicals listed above have failed.

For the best mechanical it was the razer blackwidow ultimate 2012, the 2014 is not the same.

I actually really really like mechanical keyboards, both the feel and the speed/comfort I can type at comparably and I like the noise ;-;

My current best keyboard is a Lenovo mechanical keyboard that came with one of our pcs and I stole. Dont remember the model number and Im on holiday right now, but it costs like 15-20 dollars. :D

I think the actual conclusion you seek is: Gaming grade mechanicals are priced at a premium compared to what they are worth.

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Gaming keyboards are a joke for people whom type all day (me - web developer). The things just dont last and are nowhere near as fast. I too, do like the CLUNK / CLICKS of typing MX Blue/Green/Brown (in order of like). But after having worn the mechanicals out and going back the logitech k120 and k200, they feel sooo nice compared, strangely. I wont be buying another mechanical again. I'm contemplating buying 10 x k200, just encase they raise the pirce lol

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PS. The clicks are good, but I really do like being able to keep on working while on a skype call with a client without them knowing. Mechanical that is a no no. ;)

Im a Network Administrator and mechanical just feels right for me (but Ive never own a gaming one), I own a Logitech CANTREMEMBER that is pretty nice feeling (rubber me thinks but I cant remember), and its nice to type on but just doesnt feel... right. The keys also get too slippery, I prefer when they have good grip. :) But thats just a keycap problem.

@starglider1 since you have a K120, what's the difference between the "standard" K120 and the business K120?

Ah right, serious try the logitech k120 or k200, really is nice, bit flat after using mechanicals but you flow, you just flow typing without adjusting. its nice. I do love the feel of the keys on the gaming ones, razer mx black 2012 and mx green 2014 are more typers heavy hitters keys / tactile (always better, not for gaming). It may be cheap, but it does work.

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Im a big fan of logitech because of their mice so I might give it a try <3

No idea, I got 3 x K120 bought about 5 years ago and 1 x K200 bought about 3 years ago. They feel the same, just different shape. Feel great. I game on them too and have had no problems (especially with all the gaming I've done over xmas with them, compleeted fallout4 and working on the last 10% of mad max on the K200 as I tabbed back into this to type this lol).

Trying to complete everything before i need to get back into work or i will be distracted in work lol

I just googled the business edition, it's identical. so no difference.

Ok, I might give it a shot then. It's 14.99€ on Amazon.

Ive heard the opposite usually, that Razor blows... Interesting ^.^

The Razer 2014 sucks compared to the 2012, massively. I am reluctant to let go of my old 2012 razer mech as it was very good, but the "c" key broke and I can solder in a new switch. The 2014 versions of all their range are shit though. MX black vs MX Green. I think they were their own custom made switches back in those days.

I really liked the spring-loaded keys on my old Logitech DiNovo Edge.

If that thing had a numerical pad, it would have been perfect.
Ever since I wore it out, I've been struggling to find a replacement. I want that typing feeling again, a numerical keypad and wireless.
Currently on a Logitech K270 and I hate the typing experience on it. The G19s I had before that was just rubbish and the wire was always cluttering my desk and preventing me from clearing the desk when needed.
Going to try the K800 soon, hoping for it to be better because it does have key mechanism that looks a lot like the DiNovo Edge had.

I have to agree with this.

I bought a Corsair k65 and have been nothing but disappointed with it. Mainly because I miss my numpad a lot more than I thought I would. But also because it seems to have some bugs. Certain keys "double stroke". Meaning that one key stroke ends up being multiple one. For instance, my 8 key. Sometimes it will produce a single 8, other times it will produce 2-4 of them. I've yet to figure out why. I've updated the firmware multiple times, and it still happens.

Not sure what I'm going to replace it with, but I know I'm not going to pay another premium for a "gaming grade" keyboard because it's just not worth it.

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The only reason Id want one is RGB leds. I might just make my own Mechanical with stuff from the Keyboard Massdrop community.

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I'd suggest doing that or going with another brand. The Corsair RGB keyboards aren't bring enough, and the color accuracy is terrible IMHO. Purple looks like blue or pink, and orange looks like brown.

Definitely try and see the one you want in action, in person, before buying. I made that mistake.

The Corsair keyboards would look a LOT better, if you pulled the keycaps and painted the surface between the keycaps with a nice, reflective white paint. I tried laying down strips of paper inbetween them and it maid a noticeable difference. I just have been too lasy to actually do any painting.

Avoid the cheesy "gaming" keyboards like Razer. I've got a Ducky year of the goat and so far it has not skipped a beat, amazing keyboard. Looking at getting a Happy Hacking Professional 2 as a second keyboard...

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While I am not going to try to sway you in the mech debate I will say that is a spectacularly bad set of mechs. It is like you looked up reviews for the worst possible highly reviewed mechs and just said yeah Razer and Corsair will do, nothing even approaching quality like a Filco or Keyed Up Labs.

I am not surprised the mechs failed on you both manufacturers are known to shave the tightest margin for QA pass.

Sorry not looking to dump on your post but damn that is astoundingly bad choice of mech.

Edit: @anon43920604 corsair actually do have a white switch mounting plate in the strafe I think for the very reason you mentioned. Corsair still.suck don't buy them ever.

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