My ISP is using my router to broadcast a public Wi-Fi spot. Am I in terrible danger?

I just recently found out that my ISP is broadcasting a public Wi-Fi spot through my router –ZHONDA ONT2516. When I login to my router, it does not show any information about any other SSID different from the one I use privately (not the public Wi-Fi spot), which is as secure as I can configure it using WPA2-PSK (as you can see, I0m not very savy in networking). I have also noticed that when other devices connect to the public spot there is no speed impact in my connection. The way I found out that this public Wi-Fi spot was somehow related to my router was that, every time I disconnected the router, the public Wi-Fi spot disappeared, and the other way around. My question is: could there be a horrible security breach into my home network via that public Wi-Fi spot? I really don't care if my ISP is using the router for expanding their public spots other than putting in risk my private network (I get the advantage of using the public spot and get higher speeds than those I pay for). Sorry for the lengthy question and thank you all tek syndicate aficionados, from the bottom of my heart.

That doesn't sound good, I would get my own router if I were you.

Thanks Jacobite. I would love to know which are the risks, if that is not much to ask. Currently, I don't even understand how they manage to do this witchcraft!

I don't know about your networks security(i don't work in tech), but maybe if they are using your internet then they could do something that could make you go to prison? Is there anyway too disable it, could you detach the aerial maybe or disable the wireless using the routers settings? I assume the router was provided by your ISP?

Read through your contract, and contact your ISP. Maybe you can get a kick ass deal with them if you let them know about your concerns, and bombard customer support with legitamate concerns.

...*cough*use DDWRT*cough*...*eats apple pie*

Damn man, that sounds very sleasy of them.

Some routers have a Guest internet VLAN built in that allows them to use your up link but segregates their traffic from yours internally. It's possible the ROM they're running on the Router hides it from you unless you log in with their particular username.

If this is indeed what they did, it's very very dodgy of them and I'd complain about it, get a different router.

Then again....I'd be MitM all those who attempted to join it and ruining their day, but I'd never endorse that *nudge* *wink*