My internet is shitting the bed

Hi guys, I'm currently writing this from my nexus5 using my data connection, because both my wired and wifi connection arent working.
Some background info: I have a 100down connection, wired, that I share with my father and mother (2pcs total). We got it some months ago and it used to be fine.
We have a modem that gives wifi too, a router through which my father's and my ethernet go through. I always wondered about this setup too, initially the tech guy just used the modem and told us the router was useless, but since my internet didnt work I tinkered and found this solution.
Also the wifi has always been shit, like 5mbps in FRONT of the modem and struggling anywhere else
I understand it could be a problem with my isp but I always wondered if they fucked up our home network

Should be back on soon. Perhaps take some devices off the network

Did you rub its nose in it?

With the wifi grab wifiscanner for your phone - its free - and make sure there is either nothing or as little as possible broadcasting on the same channel as your router.
Make sure your modem and router have the latest firmware installed.
Make sure all devices on your network have force full duplex enabled under network settings

I remember using a tool like do I change the channels my wifi broacasts on?
What is force full duplex?

Just set it to full duplex and nothing changed.
I'm leaning for a problem on the side of my isp

I finally took a good look at our setup. We have a modem/router (that emits the wifi) and the old router that we used to use to route the cables and emit wifi (the wifi is now disabled to avoid interference with the new one).
There's a yellow GbitEthernet cable coming out of the modem and going into the router. 2 normal ethernet cables that come out of the modem and go to my dad's pc and to the SkySports thingy in the living room; then there is one ethernet cable that comes out of the router and goes to my PC. I remember myself doing this because when the tech guy from the ISP came he just didnt use our old router but my pc was the only one of the 2 not having an internet connection, so I tried and it worked...never looked into it.
What do you think?

Modem/router combos are notorious for being shit. See if you can put the modem into bridge mode and just use your own router. If not buy your own modem and trash their garbage equipment.

I do expect it to be some piece of shit box, no way they put some decent hardware into it.
I read that if my ip address is 192.168.x.x or 10.0.x.x the modem should already be bridged. But, also, what does it mean that it is bridged?

I changed the channel, there were like other 4 networks on the same frequency range, now it's good, between 5 and 15.

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