My Indie Video Game

Hello all,

I started an indie game development team called Comet Game Studios in 2012, using CryEngine 3.  Since October 2013, after finishing a free-to-play game, we began working on a new title.


We began in May 2012 on a very large city, but ended up re-making the map in Summer 2013 since we weren't able to create models quickly enough to complete the map.  

The game is finished, however our server host backed out of our deal for them to host multiplayer, and they also removed the download from their servers.  The game is too large for ModDB.  We are working to solve this problem.


I figured that I would start a work-log with you fellow PC gamers to view our progress on the new game.

Publishing: Crytek, the maker of the engine, is awaiting a demo of the game from us to grant us a license.  


The game's story is being written.  The basic concept is similar to Watch Dogs by Ubisoft, where the primary protagonist is paid to hack into government agencies, companies, and civilian computers/phones.  However, the situations will be realistic and teach the player real-life hacking skills & techniques.

New Screenshots:



Old Screenshots:

Screenshot from when I began generating normal maps for all of the buildings.

Around 7:00 AM near the same group of houses.  

Same photo at a different time.  You can see the vehicle cubemaps well here.

Assortment of other photos from this area.


 Feedback is appreciated.  Thread will be updated with some suburban areas that have been finished shortly.  

It looks pretty good i feel that the texture for the road doesn't fit in with the rest of the town

Here's a sneak peek of one of the city's suburban environments:

I think that the normal map is a bit too intense.  The road also needs to look more worn.

For a paved road, a normal map is probably unnecessary unless the road is meant to be extremely dilapidated (lots of cracks and missing bits).  For a road in good condition, a high res diffuse should be plenty, as it should be relatively smooth and even.  If you really want to have a normal, then tone the variation way down and increase the amount by quite a bit.  It should look like tiny aggregate, not full on rocks.

For example, up close it should look like this:


But from a normal distance, it should more or less blend and look relatively smooth:

road 2

But, like I said, a good diffuse should be plenty.  All a properly done normal will do is give the road a slightly shimmery look in low angle lighting (dawn or dusk), so I doubt it's even worth having.

Looks pretty decent.  Cleaning up the roads will help tremendously though.  Everything else looks pretty good.  Nice work so far.

NICE! Cant wait to see this finished and on the web

Let me know if you guys like the roads better without the normals, I don't want to re-do the texture if I don't have to :-)





Looks better to me without.

Way too much detail on the last image. The more detail, the more you see the 'pattern'. Which is not good for realistic feel imo.

Looks cool. I will be following this.

Yeah, much better with just the diffuse.  It actually looks like a road without it.  The normal just made it look way too uneven.

Update!  New Time-Of-Day and a custom HUD is in progress.



That's not planned in this title, but I know somebody who is working on an open world zombie game based in a fictional British city.

Hello everyone!  I am back after a long absence.  

I finally started working on a proper ToD and HUD.  A few buildings have been added, and I modified the road textures a bit.  New Audi textures.  Fixed tree shadow problems.

Looks great!

Story line seems interesting and the games appearance looks great, il be keeping an eye on this. Keep us posted!

Hey guys!  It's been a while.  Here's a relatively new screenshot!