My i7 920

Hey guys i am new around here (well been lurking for a while ^^)

i recently bought a i7 920/gigabyte ud5 ect ect, still using the stock cooler but i noticed my temperatures are abnormally high. this is my first build so i have reseated the heatsink 3 times thinking it was me. Then i decided to look for other alternatives to the reason for a high temperatures found my voltage was @ 1.25v and i read the default was 1.2v so i changed that.

now my temps were @ 70's idling after booting into windows, now i decided to try something i lowerd the vcore to 1.1 and my temps went to the high 60's, i went back and changed it to 1v and now they idle @ 50/50/47/47 and at load 68/67/64/63(was too scared previously to run it on full load...). i have disabled speedstep and all that my question is

1)will i damage it by going lower?
2)should i go lower?
3)what do you think i did wrong?
4)could it be an iffy chip?

thanks for reading
PSÂ perhaps u could help me more if i removed the heatsink took a picture then you experianced guys can tell me whether or not it was seated correctly?

Edit: i can run cinebench and it doesnt crash (loads faster then it before too)
EDIT2: Pic;
EDIT3: Ok now i am REALLY confused, i upped the bclk to 144 with turboboost its now @ 3Ghz and idling @ 46/44/44/44 going to 42/43 full load it peaked at 65 then went no higher... oh and i am using stock cooler btw

Ok well i have a i7 920 and at full load it doesnt go over 60 degrees and mines at base clock of 175 at 1.232 volts     standard settings no turbo boost enabled.   I would reccomend buying a Noctua cooler as this will drastically help you and become stable

thanks, i got it @ 3ghz now with 0.928v and its running fine (dont have time to properly test it) my xigmatek dark knight is arriving on fri so i should be good ot go then :D. i didnt even wanna oc it on the stock cooler, glad i did fiddle with it tho as it now runs on full load what it idled on before xD

Im amazed at how little volts yours needs to run mine came standard at 1.232 volts and wont go any lower...... have you disabled the modes in the bios that lower the cpu's clock speed???   and have you enabled load line calibration????   and last question i promise what bios you on???

Your solution is get an aftermarket cooler. Intel's stock coolers are a piece of crap. But this does sound like a strange case.

i disabled the c1E and EIST, i am on bios f7 (first thing i did as it said something like "further d0 support") i think its the d0 stepping as after a little research it appears as i am not on my own, from another site(similiar thread ^^ );
"There are normal temp/high vcore D0s and high temp/low vcore D0's. I ended up with a high temp/low vcore D0."
so its the chip xD. i am gonna do some overclocking on friday when i get my dark knight see how it goes still not sure whether this is a good thing or a bad thing Oo ^^