My i3 Wont show up as 4 cores in windows anymore. help?

Just wondering why my i3-2100 won't use hyperthreading. I went into my bios to but i couldn't do anything there and in windows task manager it says i'm running with 2 cores as there are only 2 graphs. 

How can i fix this because my computer has become consideratly slower in launching applications and it is really anoying.




I'm not sure why it's not recognizing it. but a slow application start up may be caused by a slow hard drive.

run a defrag test on it>   application time can be crippled by fragged hdds

my hard drive is fine because the file transfer speeds are the same as they used to be.



i've fixed it, i just reset my boot configerations in msconfig, it has made a difference. thanks for the help anyway.