My Headset Broke

I have a Creative Sound Blaster 3d alpha headset, and when I put it on this morning, the right ear cup's support thingy snapped. I didn't snap the wire, but it just sits awkwardly on my head, and its uncomfortable. What makes me pretty disappointed in Creative, is that I got it in June. 4 Months isn't very long for a headset. Should I try and email them to get a new one, or just try and duck tape it back together? 

They will most likely not replace them because it isn't their fault that you broke them, why should they suffer the costs? Don't wanna sound rude but don't get your hopes up or you will most likely be disappointed but give it a try of course. If the answer is no, try to repair them before buying new ones.

True, but the headphones should be able to stand putting them on and off...

You should put a photo up so some of us can give you crazy Macgyver ideas on how to best fix them..

heres video