My hdd is locked! what do i do?

so i can access my 1 tb hard drive from my new one but would much rather use my main drive but i cant start it up what do i do to fix this??? i cant even install a new OS on it because of this, please help me......

need more details

what kind of details?

Like... any details? You didn't even said what is the problem, what is displayed on the screen when you try to use it, heck, even what sound does it make when you try to turn it on.

  • Specs: What do you have?
  • Objective: What are you trying to do?
  • Steps: What steps are you taking?
  • Results: What is happening? What works, what doesn't?

Then you will get answers from the guys here. They're helpful.

it dosent even recognize the drive when i turn it on.

i tried to refresh it and reinstall windows on top of it while keeping all of my files but it says it can't because it is in need of an unlocking. So i took my old 140gb seagate barracuda then installed windows on it and i can acess all of my files just fine.i just want to be able to use my 1tb as my main and only drive as my other one is old and slower. ive been using a usb stick with windows 8 on it to attempt reinstalling and refreshing windows 8 on my 1tb. hope this helps.

My build -

Fx 8350

Asus M5A99x evo r2.0

Raidmax rx630ss 630w power supply

corsair vengeance 1866 1x8gb cl 10 ram

evga 560 ti

seagate barracuda 1 tb (the locked drive)

seagatre barracuda 140gb

antec p280 case

windows 8 on both hdds



command prompt ....

on problem drive

Bootrec /fixMBR

bootrec /fixBoot

bootrec /rebuildBCD

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You should get your wanted files of the problem drive while you can ... I can't tell you how many times I didn't make a backup of my work and lost it all in the blink of an eye ... and have to do it all again ... Doh!   


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OP are you trying to install from a flash drive on a usb3 port? If so change to usb2 port to reinstall windows on your 1tb.

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Sounds to me like you may have dropped the partition, if this is the case It may mean the death of the drive, however it does not mean all the data is gone. Sometimes a linux boot usb stick can be used to retrieve the data.

to do this go to

Here is a tutorial created by some else;

After making the drive, change your system to boot from USB in bios , When you boot it may ask you of you want to install or TRY select TRY {DO NOT INSTALL}, ubuntu is linux as such it sees partitions differently , this may allow you to access the disk to save data . NOW if it has dropped the partition , even if you can get the disk to eventually be repartitioned and formatted they will usually drop it again within the next 3-4 months. (e.g. I would replace the drive)

I have used this method many times to retrieve data for corporate clients who have had hard drives fail. It does not always work but sometimes it does. Linux will often see the drive and can read from it even when the bios cannot see it, allowing you to copy off important data.

It also might be worth getting something to read the SMART sensor on the drive see if it is throwing any errors or unexpected readings.

this doesnt really make sense to me, can you elaborate?