My hdd drive is failing

I have my os stored on an hdd drive recently my computer has been taking excessive amounts of time to boot (up to three hours) I figure this must mean that my hard drive is about to fail.

Is there a way I can clone my os onto a more stable ssd to replace the hdd or will I simply have to buy another installation of windows.


thanks, Alex 

There is software to migrate everything over. Some SSD manufacturers provide a limited version of the software so that you can clone the drive and wipe the original HDD after the transfer to SSD. I bought an ADATA SX900 and it came with Acronis true image to migrate everything. It's a pretty good program I didn't have any issues with it. Some people have reported issues with the Norton Ghost program if they have a UEFI enabled MOBO so be aware of that if you go looking for a migration program. 

Download HDTune and read the S.M.A.R.T. data via the "health" option. See if there are any issues on there, it could quite possibly just be some horribly corrupted file system or something, but also could be a dying drive.

If everything comes back good from that in CMD (admin) type: sfc /scannow


But, as said above, if you google some migration software you can find some free ones that do the job pretty well. Alternatively you can acquire a disk of the OS installed on your system and use the product key listed on the side (or bottom) of your computer (assuming you have a prebuilt or laptop.)

Thank you I have found a data migration software and I hope it turns out well, if not i guess I'm switching to linux