My hd 7850 won't overclock at all. (help appreciated)

Hello I'd like to ask for help with overclocking my hd 7850.

I know a reasonable amount about overclocking and I have overclocked my previous gpu successfully however I've faced trouble when overclocking my vtx3d 2gb 7850. The issue is that when I try to set a higher mem or core clock I get a bsod, even if this value has been set from stock frequency to 1mhz higher I encounter this issue. At stock clock my card runs without issues at 1000mhz core and 1225 memory, I've also tried to overclock my card with multiple oc software including saphire Trixx, MSI afterburner, Asus gpu tweak so the software seemingly isn't a problem here? Also changing the voltage does not make a difference to the outcome as I bsod with or without increasing the voltage. Furthermore I don't see any artifacts or graphical glitches when I attempt to overclock the card for the short time before it gives me the bsod. I know that cooling also isn't an issue as at stock the card rarely hits 60 degrees unless its a very hot summers day were the highest I've seen is 65.

Any help would be fantastic! If you need more information then just let me know :).

Extra info:

Drivers tested with (amd ccc): 13.9, 13.12, 14.10

Pc specs:

motherboard: gigabyte 970a-ds3

cpu: amd 4170 @ stock speed (4.2ghz)

memory: 8gb ddr3 1600mhz crucial ballistix

case: CM storm enforcer

gpu itself: vtx3d radeon hd 7850 2gb version


 have you tried setting it 1mhz lower then stock?

if that also fails, you maybe have a driver/software issue.

Thanks Benny, I have just done 3 full run throughs of unigen valley without bsod with 1mhz lower however 1mhz higher will crash on the first scene (between 10-40seconds into the benchmark).

A quick search online says that this is a 'lower quality' brand from PowerColor? It could be locked down to prevent overclocking perhaps because using lower binned chips? No clue dude. I've even been able to overclock voltage locked cards (within reason). Not sure what would be holding you back from a little OC unless it is hardware locked. 

i will chaulk it up to bad quality. i have a Sapphire 7850 2GB. stock clock was 860 core i believe. mine is running at 1025 core/1265 mem with 20% extra power. runs fine. i could probably look into lowering the power but eh its running fine. anything above 1025 and i run into BSOD. but thats alright because the highest Overrdrive will let me run it at was 1050 core. so not a huge loss