My hand at a new gaming PC

Hey guys!  Been wanting to create an account here for awhile but laziness.  I think I have built the one I want but I'd love to have other pairs of fresh eyes on it to make sure I haven't mucked anything up!  I'd love some help.  Budget is somewhere around $2.500.00.



nope looks good, i dont realy love AData memory but if you want it its fine. But yea you seem good to go

Yea I guess I kind of got sucked in to Adata's hype about this RAM being made with Haswell in mind ^_^ think I should just go for the standard Corsair?

now the HDD heatsink is more or less just to mount the HDD in the 5.25 bay so you can remove both HDD bays for better airflow, and it lowers HDD temps by 2c and reduce the noise it makes, you can put the SSD behind the mobo tray, the ram has super high freq and super low latency, you'll want to remove the red heatsink part

$41 over for a just cause.

120Hz 1440p panel, anyone? Combine it with 6 cores of X79 power, and you've got yourself a computer!

Damn, would the 780 be able to power a 1440p/120hz monitor by itself?  Sweet build though

Even though your current build is a fair but below your budget, I would recommend SLI 760's.  The preformace it has it close to a titan, for just about half the price.  It may seem like SLI isn't usually, it definetly works amazingly this way.

I originallly had two 760s in SLI in the build but the power and cooling requirements backed me off.