My GTX 980 doesn't want to fit my TV

So I finally ascended, saved for 3 years and built a $1,200, it is running fine, maxing out all the games I can throw at it... but there is a problem with the card and my current monitor... which is a TV. A 1280x720 TV. When I first booted my PC the display fit perfectly, it was using the integrated graphics on my i5-4460 of course. Once I installed the drivers and it switched to my GTX 980 STRIX the display became too large for the screen (Corners cut off) I have switched every option in the Nvidia control panel and tried every resolution on the list overscan off/on all aspect ratios, and it will not fit... There are PC settings on my TV but they are grayed out because this is a crappy open box WalMart TV.  Does anyone have a work around for this? It is driving me absolutely nuts when playing a game and not being able to see the text running off screen. Any advice is appreciated. I know the easiest solution would be to just wait until I can get a monitor... but even a cheap 20'' will take me more than a few months to save for, i'd really like my TV to work for now :/

There's an option for scaling in the nvidia control panel, but it sounds like it's setting on your TV, see if it has settings for overscan or something like that, or it could be the aspect ratio. I can't tell you exactly how to fix it but there will be an option somewhere that will fix it, I've had TVs which have done the same thing.

like what Dexter Kane said, you can adjust in the Nvidia control panel. Nvidia has fixes for TVs like that, but its all done manually. Or there is possibly a setting on the TV itself to change this. There are no workarounds that I know of.

Letting everyone know the problem has been resolved, after some adjustments in Nvidia control panel, it turns out my, tv actually isn't 720p... lower. That's what I get for buying the cheapest thing I see at WalMart, at least playing my games this low res will offer ridiculous frame rates until I can afford a 1920x1080 :P 

Try changing the zoom on the TV.

Yes, AUTO on my TV does the same, Set to FULL.


Wait what? Lower than 720 ,ohno! DSR can only do so much.