My graphics card keep crashing everytime

Hello,Lucas speaking

I've build my new PC a few days ago and I'm already having problems in-game and in windows

Everytime i'm playing any game the drive keep saying that it has stoped working and recovered

I have all drives up-to-date and it keep crashing,I thought it was the HDMI cable but i've changed and it keep crashing

I'm using a GTX 660 TI Power Edition (MSI),i7-3770,16GB Corsair Vegeance memory,1TB Seagate 7200 RPM,ASUS MAXIMUS V FORMULA Z77 and a TX750M Corsair power supply

The message was something like this : "Nvidia...Kernel drive module has stoped working and has successfully recovered"

I forgot to say that it crashes in the middle game,it starts with a huge fps drop and crazy sound(as they were glitching) and sometimes I have to reset Windows

My OS is Windows 7 ultimate 64 bits service pack 1

If ANYONE could help me I apreciate

Thank you

i have been having simmilar problems with my 660ti it seems to be something in the drivers because its not overheating its not faulty it gives me a driver recovery error when it happens so... downgrade your drivers? 


Hope it helped!