My GPU fan is really noisy - help


I recently built a cheap gaming PC with an Asus HD Radeon 6670 GDDR5 1GB graphics card from Amazon UK. But every time I'm gaming the GPU fan starts going REALLY FAST and I can hear it from other rooms in the house, is this normal? or is it a problem? Also the sound is a fairly high pitched whirring. Nothing sounds broken.

Thanks, Richard.

ALSO Here's a link to the GPU if it helps:

This is just the fan curve kicking in. The GPU is getting hot so the fan is ramping up to compensate. I would reccomend downloading MSI Afterburner to tweak the fan cureve and monitor your GPU temp. I had to set up a custom fan curve for my GTX 470 due to the sheer heat the thing pumped out while under load. It gets pretty loud but it keeps the card cool.

So download Afterburner and watch your temps while in game. That is where the answer will lay.

Thanks very much, as it was my first build I wasn't sure whether it was a faulty one.