My "Ghetto" litecoin mining setup :/

hope this makes you laugh and yes it is really that loud....


still my temps never go above 70 and i mine through the night so .... uhm... yeah.....


i know i am a terrible human being


and yes that fas IS sellotaped to the side of my case

Ghettorig swag ;)

you just had to take that one step further didn't you .......

lol amazing stuff. Don't forget to clean it every so often with some toothpaste and water.

o.o makes me think that im not doing it right. need more fans lol


lol cx I'm using an old Dell XPS 420 ( Thing still kicks ass to this day with QX6800 Extreme and a Radeon 7770! )

Luckily mine stays at 78 degrees as long as I keep the side of the case off ^.^


my case side stays on..... i just have baller airflow in my case. lol also i picked up a 7850 for 124 dollars so my hash rate will be doubled :D

lol.... the "kentucky way"

Nice, I got a 7870 for £120 the other day. My setup might get a bit more ghetto when I have a 7870 then 6770 powered with a molex>6pin pcie in my home server.


Have to say though this 6770 has astonished me, I used to have a 5770 in my main pc a good few years ago and it was not exactly the quietest card but I can leave this 6770 on minumum fan while mining and it still does not go above 80 degrees in a define r3 with side on and low speed fans.

cable ties also work well


My Two ghetto setups 775 and

Lol! Nice!

lulz.. you know its ghetto when one of them is sitting on a cardboard newegg box..... and the other is on a tablestand/couch lol with a desk fan as cooling :D ftw edition!!!

oh god... i would be scared that it might fall...

It's a desk fan on the ledge above the newegg box now to. I had to use those fans the card blowers were driving me crazy.Lol