My gaming website ... IT IS ALIVE AGAIN!

Well this was a gaming site I was working on two years ago and I never stuck with it but in my time of needing something creative and meaningful to do now as I did then I have come up with a way to make it work. I only will be doing certain things on the site weekly and I am not just talking about the Trailer of the Week section. I should be able to enjoy myself and not be stressed over something that was meant to be fun and if it got me to something bigger well fine. Anyway I hope you visit my site and participate on the boards whenever you can and check out the news I post. Now yes some of what is up is old but the Trailer of the Week and Free PC Game of the Week are new. Also I made some touch ups to the site and hope in the next 24 to 48 hours to have more message board topics up. Anyway fun first and work second when it comes to this for me. It is a hobby and not a job. Here is hoping some fellow Tek Syndicate members pay some visits, have some fun there and also maybe make some recommendations/share ideas.

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Did i just spot that you use Linux :3

@The_Cable I don't do any coding or stuff like that on that site. It is a simple to use GUI environment where everything is basically done with a mouse and well the stories and titles and certain other stuff are typed. No way I could do anything really Linux. If this is Linux based then well I guess technically I am using Linux. LOLinux!

yeah your official technical busted now!

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Ok now with my site being back up I was hoping to figure out how to make the pages not go on forever. Also with the news tab for instance I would like to add multiple pages but don't know how. Again I am using Wix HTML Editor. I am not using the latest version as I am comfortable with what I was using and I am not being forced yet to move to the new version. Now that may complicate things in terms of getting help here but maybe not.

Have you considered getting a real domain and moving it to a hosting service?

@kosmic91 I do want a real domain name and may be able to get one for free from Wix. I am not sure on that but I thought I saw something earlier when looking at various things about them again. Also in regards to a hosting service isn't this what they are doing? Anyway in my initial post I said I wanted to take this less serious than before and thinking of putting real money into this now would be a serious thing as I have debt I got to knock down a bit.

Thanks though for your response .....


keep up the good work :) looks good so far.

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