My Gaming Rig

This is My Gaming Rig how is it?

See any problems or want to inform me on a change please reply

Faster memory, and single GPU because it's less of a headache. Still under $1500.

A few things, the 4770K only helps in video editing and rendering. I would suggest a 3570K if you overclock or a 4670 if you don't. As for your graphics card(s), single card configurations are always better than dual, triple or quad card configurations. I would suggest a GTX 770 or an HD 7970 if you're gaming at 1080p, something like a GTX 780 would be more suitable for resolutions above that. But a GTX 760 or an HD 7950 can easily handle modern games at 60+ FPS. If you do go for an HD 7950 you can overclock it and reach speeds of a stock HD 7970.

My advice to you is don't go dual 660's. I made the mistake of starting out with two hd 6870's a couple years ago thinking for the money their performance can't be beat. While it's true they put up better frame rates than single cards in the same price range, having multiple cards can introduce problems like microstuttering and driver issues into many games. Having a single card also makes it much more convenient to upgrade down the road. I think you should look at something like a radeon 7970 instead. I know benchmarks will show dual 660's as superior in a number of instances, but I think you will be happier with just a single card.

This is just my experience, I hope it helps.

EDIT: For a few dollars more you could probably get a GTX 770 instead of a 7970. A bigger power supply wouldn't hurt either, maybe a 750w if your budget allows for it?

SLI is a good option if you love a certain game that gets good performance from it. Otherwise, it is a major pain in the rear end. People are right on this one. Go for a GTX 770.

Also, if you plan on overclocking, a 3770k with motherbaord will match performance for a far lower cost. 

For the SSD, if you are using it for caching, get a cheap, small one. For OS, think about getting a 240GB. The Samsung 840 is $170-180. You could keep a few games on here or programs you use a lot. A 120gb is smaller than it sounds.

Most of all, think hard about that case. For the price you could get a rather nice case (Lian Li, Fractal Design, Corsair,...). If you love this casem then go for it. Otherwise, shop around a bit.