My gaming rig

Hey so in march 2013 ill have £910 so ive put together this build

what are your thoughts on this 

Any help is appreciated

I Haven't had the luxury of building my own rig, so I am very jelous :) this looks like a very good build .Only thing I personally would get is some slightly faster RAM but you can upgrade later if you really need it, and that ram you have chosen will be plenty for gaming. I  reccomend the sidewinder x4, it looks cool and is great value for the price, I've found the macro keys very handy for photoshop.

The CX series from corsair is a wonderful budget power supply series, but i would not dare recomend it for a system of your caliber. The XFX 550 is around 50 euros provides more amps on the 12v , has one 6 and one 6+2 pci-e connectors and is ready for your system.

I Noticed you have the unlocked 3570 but no aftermarket proper cooler to push that processor right, are you not planning to overclock right now or at all? Your system is a monster, it will definitely eat up just about every game there is at the moment.

With the XFX 550 you might run into limitations when you start to really OC the CPU and graphics card, it just may not have enough amps to handle it(it will definitely handle more then that CX600).

it looks really good. I would go with a lager ssd unless your cashing.

I wouldnt change anything except the mouse and keyboard. But thats a prefrence thing. The above comments, I dont really agree with. You can overclock a 3570k and a 7950 on a 600watt psu. SSD good. Good balanced build for the price.

i am planning to overclock but not as soon as i get it as im new to pc's and with my budget i wouldnt be able to afford a cooler aswell but about 10 weeks after the build ill have £100 more pound cuz i get £10 a week so ill probably get one then :)

also any suggestions weather to water cool or not and any coolers you would suggest

do you have any recomendation of keyboard and mouse for aroundthe same price

Personally I'd go with a larger (~128gb) ssd.  Otherwise you're going to be really happy with that setup.

The only keyboards anyone would recommend are going to be much more expensive (mechanical) and are very, very, subjective.

I'd say if there's a specific reason you want your current kb/mouse combo then just stick with it.  Then if you want to dabble in the realm of mechanical keyboard, just google and youtube search mechanical key switch demonstrations.  There are some really good resources out there.

As for mice, I'm partial to either the Steelseries Sensei, or Logitech G400, G500, or G600.  Currently I'm using a G500 but my next one will probably be a G600.

any other mice i cant find the logitech on the uk version of pcpartpicker