My gaming PC

Hey guys, my name is Josh and I am relatively new to PC tech stuff. I built my own gaming PC recently and it seems to have a few hiccups. The first problem is that I believe the RAM is not running at the speeds it could be. When I start up my computer to do something, I need to make sure that my new Korsair K70 is unplugged or else my PC will just keep the specs posted on my monitor. I basically need to plug in my keyboard after the PC has booted up every freeking time. That is very annoying. Now back to the RAM, the specs screen that is showed when the keyboard is being poop says that my RAM is running at 1333 Mhz. The RAM in my computer is 16 gb of Kingston HyperX Beast 2400 Mhz. The micro ATX motherboard that is insatlled (yes I royally fucked up by purchasing a micro atx) can run RAM at 2000 Mhz. So I think that my computer should be running at 2000 Mhz, but the specs screen has something else to say. Also my optical drive is not functionable and never has been (I built my PC like 2 months ago). It is recieving power because I can see the LEDs light up and hear it spin the disc but nothing else happened and the disc cannot be read. Please, if you have any advice please leave a comment. HALP!!!!!

In a basic summary, some motherboards automatically use RAM at low settings by default to make sure it boots, you can go into the BIOS and change that which i can't really help you with, but pressing delete or F10 while its booting usually is the things.

With the optical drive, if both SATA connectors are correctly inserted there could be a problem with either the actual drive or your motherboard.

The keyboard if i'm understanding you correctly is also a little safety thing with the motherboard, atleast mine was. I changed a few settings in the BIOS and it worked. Try finding other people with the same problems and see how they fixed it.

How do I change my BIOS, do you know?

when the pc is booting up, start mashing the f keys and delete, every company likes doing something different, but delete, f1, f2, f9, f10 are some of the commonest