My game collection 80+

ok. cool?. lol
I dont have anything close... but I do have alot of crap in my closet. . just look:

I had more but my bitch of a mother threw it out of gave it away -.-
i measured it its 2.5 feet tall

thats an awesome game collection..drools

i wanna break into your house and pawn all that

why I can just give you the keys
=p thanks lol

cunt punt, did it happen?

on topic: I don't have many boxes for my games, I usually buy them on steam or don't even waste the money. I have about over 12 games on my desk right now.(I do not pirate games)

well if you take a look 90% of them are console games my pc games are in one of those big cd binders with no boxes

I dont have many pc games back then I was a big console junkie I still am I like pc gaming more now though

I kept what i could I collect my stuff

hopefully i can hit 100 games by the end of the year

a lot of my pc games are didgital distro now which i regret as i much rather have a physical game then a didgital for collecting purpose
but scince pc games are like hard to find in stores


wow hahaha i have a special set of drawers for all my games but alot of mine are through steam ae, with i had a mint collection like yours Path

This is my collection of games. Alot less but this is what i got.

Am I the only one with a few hundred Commodore 64 1541-Floppy games? No oldschoolers among us?

skate 2 FTW