My future build

there is the build that I hope to make sometime in the future. How does it look? I have checked everything over but there is probably something I missed. My plan is to make an AMD system as much as possible. One area that I'm not sure about is having 4x4 sticks of RAM as opposed to 2x8. Does one configuration pose one advantage over the other? 16GBs looks like enough to me so I don't see my self upgrading capacity any time soon. Is there anything that I can improve upon? I am trying to go for a red/grey/black build. Some stuff I couldn't find a way to hold to that because of the amount of parts that support AMD systems. Any ideas to improve this will be much appreciated. 

It's typically easier to overclock with fewer DIMMS. Also, if you start out with 2x8, you will be able to upgrade in the future should you find it necessary. I would definately go with 2 DIMMs over 4. Now if you had an x79 build, you could take advantage of 4 DIMMs to get quad channel memory, but since you want to stick with AMD that doesn't help you.

Overclocking really hasn't appealed to me. I'm more of a "stock" guy anyway. 

I'd say go with 2 sticks of RAM, like crazymobster said.