My future Build/ maybe your "Cheap-ass" build?

$5 more, twice the storage, samsung spinpoints are rebranded seagate momentus drives last i checked

Thats a small hardrive you will fill that fast with games $5 more will get you a Western Digital Caviar Blue 500GB (if you dont like the Hitachi drive)

Final Build total $360


I would get this

I have swapped out the motherboard for asrock fm2a55m-dgs as it supports crossfire. This is good as if you want to get a graphics card down the road it will fun in crossfire with the cpu's onbard graphics, boosting the speed. plus i have never heard of this biostar company so i question its quality and have have had plenty of success with asrock boards.

I would go with that, but you changed basically everything to amazon, which means I get no special offers and you removed my Wireless card, and with the new motherboard, I no longer have HDMI or USB 3.0, which I need.

The bio star supports "AMD Dual Graphics Technology" (hybrid crossfire APU+GPU)


Today, newegg is having a sale on both the case and power supply, so I will order that, and I'll get $35 back after rebates, so I can get more parts.

Need some quick help here, I'm getting the Memory, but not sure if I want to go 1600mhz or 1866mhz, both would be 8GB, I would lie to save money, but not be short-handed on speed.

1866mhz, faster memory is better for an apu. 

If your useing a APU you whant the fastest you can afford