My friends Gaming PC

Hello. My friend is building a gaming PC and he asked me to look at it. I thought it looked fine but I thought why not put it on this friendly website. He's going to be playing; Arma, Battlefield, and various other free-to-play games (World of Tanks, etc.) His budget is at about $550 (+ cost of OS). He hopes to play all these games at Medium-High settings at 1080p (TV) and at 1440x900 (Monitor) at playable FPS. Thanks in advance!

I would advise 8gb of ram. Also if it were me I would buy a higher quality motherboard especially if you planned on overclocking. As for gaming performance the 7850 is a nice card and you can expect some great performance from it. 

Athlon II x4 750K, buy that, overclock it, buy an FX 8350 later. It's better than 965 BE and newer.

EDIT: Sorry, I forgot about that.

Athlon II x4 750K is an FM2 socket CPU dude. He won't be able to upgrade to an AM3+ FX-8350.

Could you reccomend any motherboards? He intends on doing minor overclocking if the hardware supports it. 3.4ghz to about 3.8 or 4.0ghz. I've heard the Asrock M5A97 R2.0 is a good one.