My friend offered to sell me his PS3

My good friend offered to sell me his PS3 for 250.  I want to know if its a good deal?


120 GB HD

2 Controllers 


Killzone 2,3

Uncharted 2,3 

Last of Us

God of War Origins

Sly Cooper Collection

Ratchet and Clank Collection

Jak Collection

Resistance 1,2,3

Demon Souls

Both Ratchet and Clank future games


I was not going to buy a PS3 until he offered to sell me his yesterday. I kind of want it, but it might just be a whim purchase.  What do you all think?

I would not recommend that price i would pay 145 max with all those games PS3 lost its value way back.

Offer him 100 bucks for the ps3 and Demon Souls (that is the only game worth playing a 10 year old console for)

If you haven't played the games and you want to, it's probably worth it. I haven't seen a price that good before. I may be biased because I really like R&C and Last of Us is really good (I got a little bored towards the end but I finished it anyway). I would if I hadn't played before but it really depends on whether you want to play those games or not.


I got him down to $175 with the games Demon Souls, Last of Us, and all 3 collections.  How is that? 

If you can get him down to 150 I would say go for it. 

i think that is a little high to pay for a system that is done. i mean, $150 more and you have a PS4, which you can get the HD version of the Last of us for. that is the only game i would play out of those. 

however, if you want to play those games, then go for it, but try and get it down to $175. and sell the games you don't want.

I'd pay $150 max.  Play the games, then sell for cheaper.  All master race feelings aside, there are a couple of PS3 games worth playing that are exclusive.