My friend OC'ed his FX6300 to 5Ghz with only a 0.05V overvolt

As the title says my friend bought a FX 6300, he also got a Corsair H60, which he thinks is better than the Noctua NH-D14 because "You can get sub zero temps with water cooling becasue the liquid they use is anti-freeze" -him. Anyways he claims he got to 5Ghz with only an overvolt of 0.05V. I told him that was an unstable voltage for that CPU clock speed but he refused to listen, he ran prime95 for about 3 hours yesturday and said it was fine, and that there is no need to run it for 24 hours. During the conversation he said he wanted me to call him so he could talk to me and tell me how wrong I am, I said it would be more convienient to use skype and his response was something along the lines of "My system is barely able to browse the internst at 600x600 because I don't have an GPU, if I go on skype my system will blue screen", wait, didn't he say his system was stable? I told him to undo the overclock and test it but he refused saying it would be a waste of time, again calling me and idiot and saying blue screens are caused by GPU errors (also caused by CPU errors, but he didn't say that). Anyways I already talked to some other people who seem to agree his system will melt or hopefully crash before that happens. He claimes with the overclock and underload (prime95) the CPU runs at 66C. I highly doubt that, wanted to get some insight from you guys, will probably post this in other places to.

lol my pc is fine but i cant use skype xD

Sounds like a idiot to me.