My friend is having server trouble

"Arrrgghhh! TL:WR, Help, server problems >.< I don't get it, no dedicated server I host will work >.< namely terraria and minecraft... I've done everything. I've checked my portforwarding dozens of times including gettjng the right ipv4 address for the forward, i've ensured my ip is static, i've allowed them through firewall... I've specifically opened those servers ports through firewall... I've tried redownloading more times then I can remember... It used to work but then a while ago it just stopped and ive been trying to fix it on and off for monthes.... Someone, please, help >.< TL:DR Halp, my servers wont work." My friend Jerry needs help. I am thinking lack of ram. I could be wrong

Quote on Quote as I copy and pasted his whole status

Have you tried hamachi?


well, first off... make sure he is forwarding the right port for the game.

second, make sure his ip address that he is forwarding to is correct (type ipconfig in cmd.exe on the hosting computer)

third, make sure the port is actualy open (

forth, make sure he is giving out the WAN ip address (google 'my ip") and not his lan ip.


when all else fails, use a VPN such as hamachi (as sammich stated).



When all else fails; Pay a hosting company for hosting. :)


Hi, I'm the friend. I'm deffinetly forwarding the correct ports for the games, 25565 is the correct port for Minecraft, that I am sure of.  Secondly, I am also forwarding the correct address,, jsut as it states in config, and in connection details. To address your fourth suggestion, I'm not saying this begrudgingly but I'm not an idiot. I'm not giving out a lan IP i'm giving out my correct, WAN address to those who I try to get to connect. I believe the problem lies in your third suggestion, when I checked whether or not the port was open the site stated that it could not see the port so I believe that it may lie in my firewall. 

As stated, I've allowed the program through my firewall. So I don't know what else could be a problem.

Also, Hamachi is out of the question, I don't want to make my friends download that program just to play on my server.



Oh, I've gotten something. I've apparently had a rule in my advanced firewall settings not allowing the specific program to run through it.  Fixed that, so now I can get connections, but no one can actually login to the server. It gives an end of stream.


HAHA! I got it to work. After I allowed it through the firewall I just had to redownload the server file since it was an outdated version, thanks to all! :D


oh, yeah... by the way.... if your using windows firewall... just disable it. it doesnt work for shit anyway....

like, have you ever launched a game, multiplayer works fine, then you close it and windows firewall is asking if you want to allow access? yeah... it sucks and causes all sorts of problems.