My friend has an addiction

He's always drinking strong coffee every time he visits, apparently he can't sleep at night or stop drinking the stuff. Any advice?

stop drinking the stuff.

Switch to a strong ties then work his way down black to green to white 

Switch to Decaf and tell him its regular coffee, gotta use that placebo effect.

That isn't going to work. His body is going to notice the lack of caffiene pretty quick.

He could quit; quit with a cocktail of drugs so withdrawal symptoms aren't so bad or stop drinking coffee and instead take caffeine powder in order to make the habit worse. Try to stage an intervention maybe? It is up to your friend, after all.

Seen people do it, it does work. Same with non alcoholic beer, funnies thing in the world. 

quit cold turkey. it's coffee, not blow.

Cowboy up! Son


I have seen it work too ... mix decaf & regular and "cut" it more every time.

Jesus Christ, do people really lack so little self control nowadays?

Stop drinking coffee if it's obviously causing you problems. The possible migraines you get can get rid of with some Ibuprofen.

How much does he drink? Shit I decided that I was going to quit smoking on February the 1st 2014 and then out on my deck on February 1st 2014 under the sun set I smoked my last cigarette under addiction.

I have maybe smoked a total of 5 since then at various parties and what not but nothing that could get me addicted.

Although I did have my E-Cig to help me out, but i'm off of those too.


... Coffees not an addiction, cocaine's an addiction. Booo this man ...

Has he ever sucked dick for an espresso? No, tell him to man up and switch to decaf!

Penguins FTW.

Subtle, very subtle..

And just copy and pasta-ing my comment? lol

Find him a good supplier of heroin.

Before long, he won't even be able to afford the coffee and I promise he'll have no problems sleeping.

Caffeine addiction is a thing.  It can be hard to stop because you will notice withdraw symptoms like headache or drowsiness.  You can slowly drink less until you have cut it out or dilute the caffeine like others have mentioned.  Or stop cold turkey.  There is a plan c though and you can quit cold turkey, but smoke some weed and he will forget about coffee lol.

Caffiene withdrawl is eh. Tell your friend not to start smoking... Nicotine withdrawl is a bitch.

If you want to slow down on caffiene just move to green tea. Then water. Or stick with beer.

My honest opinion is to switch to strong ties. Bow ties or 2x Windsor. Black in color.