My Friend, Alex, Has Passed Away Due To A Hate Crime

I completely agree. Something like this is extreme and very much anti Christian. I'm a Catholic myself and I would never think that one of ours could even dare do something like this in Christ's name.


May your friend rest, whoever he liked he was still a human.

That really sucks. I don't understand why someone would do something like that at all. Sorry for your loss, man.

An Atheist myself I have always been someone to tolerate others for whatever they are and for what they believe in. I've always told people "I may hate the belief, however I would never hate the believer." I salute those who follow whatever relgion they may so do believe in, in defending it, however still remaining tolerant to others, in this case homosexuality. Your friend Alex from reading the letter sounding like an intelligent person, and while it's hard to get someones personality from text he seemed like a very nice person. What occured should've never happened. I'm not trying to bash anyones religion here I hope you agree, but your belief in no way shape or form should dictate my life, or anyone elses. Your beliefs does not give you the greenlight to commit an act that controdicts your very own beliefs. The act that was commited by this women should have never happened, your friend should still be walking this Earth. 

 To think in this year of 2012, people would still hold such hateful grudges towards people for something that is not a choice. I feel like sometimes these people do make people who are followers of faith look bad when in fact they are all not bad, in fact I'm willing to bet a large majority or people who have relgious beliefs are indeed tolerant people. However this just goes to show you the dicthomy of society. 

 I'm very sorry for your lose. I hope people who held similar pregidous as her can see what impact can be had. These are people. Not objects. May he rest in peace.

I'm sorry for your loss, and best wishes to all of you and his friends.

I'm sorry for your loss, and best wishes to all of you and his friends.

I feel i have to pot something as i am a deeply religous person i am in fact a Jehovah's Witness. We are viewed as a crazy brain washing bunch but let me tell you this a jehovahs witness is one of the most friendly person you could ever mleeet. As logan stated earlier above that christianity uses what suits them in the bible This is very much true but we jehovahs witnesses are different the reason we dont celebrate birthdays or christmass or even easter for that matter is in fact a slight proof of this as they all stem from pagan worship. Homosexuality, indeed is a sin, However we dont hate the person at all as some religions view is what should be had. we dont agree with their sexuality but thats it. Its up to them what they decide to do. A loss of human life no matter the reason is still a sad thing to me this is in fact why i am a jehovah's witness we dont go to war nor support it nor do we act violently to people who disagree with us.

Im just speaking my mind and putting my views on this out there.

im a indeed very sad that this still happens.

Thanks. Jonathan.

(sorry i never did well with grammar or anything =/ so dont hate for my writing being bad.) 

"christianity uses what suits them in the bible This is very much true but we jehovahs witnesses are different"

Seems like a generalization to me. I, a Christian (raised in a Church of Christ if it matters), take the entire Bible seriously. Not to spark any uncivil argument, but if that (along with the pacifism) is your reason for dismissing plain ol' Christianity I would give it another look.

 I am very sorry for your loss.  it pains me to hear of someone who wanted nothing more than to bring beauty into this world through his art taken in such an ugly way.  He sounded like an amazing person.