My fist gaming rig

this is my first pc-

any part changes or recommendations? 

Well, I would go for an H87 board and a 128Gb ssd, a smaller PSU (500W would be more than adequate). There is no need to get a K series CPU, you won't overclock on a B or an H mobo. You can also live with the stock cooler because of that, if you don't mind it being a little noisier. The Design R4 it's a bit of an overkill, you can get something cheaper and spend the saving somewhere else. Also, check out if seagate 1Tb is cheaper.

Since you're in the UK, forget about Win 8.1, get a refurbished original copy of win 7 on ebay for less than half the price.

Have fun building! :)

Build does not look bad, however, you need a better mobo, the B85 chipset boards will not work out of the box with 4690K it needs an bios update. i would suggest if you are looking into overclocking, that you should grab a Z97 board. because this has all the unlocked overclock feutures. if your budget is a bit tight you could look at a Asus Z97-A or something like a Asrock Z97 killer.

is this motherboard ok?

also the 650 watt psu is because i might be putting another gpu in.

Are you overclocking?  Your build isn't really optimized for overclocking.

Also, if you want to put another GPU in, you will need to go with a Z series chipset.  nvidia requires another PCIe x16 slot that is at least wired to x8 to be able to do SLI.

40GB for an SSD is tiny, unless you were planning to do Intel's caching stuff.  I recommend 120GB, but couldn't fit it under $888.74

GTX 660s do not have great price-performance value at the moment.  An R9 280 will be more powerful for not a whole lot more.

You will need at least 650w of power if you add another graphics card in.  It's good to have some headroom in a power supply, so I went with 750w.

The Msi Z97 gaming 3 does not support SLi


good catch

thanks for the advice