My first YT. Titan X unboxing and Heaven benchmarks
My first attempt. Please be kind

You have sound issues. It really takes away from the experience because its really annoying. The video itself looks good and with time I hope you'll be less nervous when in front of the camera. I think you should change your logo to say "Wikingtek". Using "Tek" like that with a wire W on top gives the impression that you're hitching a piggyback ride on Tek syndicate or suggesting association.

Thanks. I was sort if uneasy and my wife was trying to sleep in the room next to my man cave. I didn't even think about that logo thing, I'll come up with something different. Thank you for the feedback!

I'm not talking sound issues like you're talking too softly. I mean you have audible audio artifacts, its like sometimes a high pass filter is applied to your mic. Completely at random, making your voice sound tinny, for lack of a better word.

Ah, OK. I'll look into that. I'm using a Rode stereo Video Mic Pro, I'm thinking about getting an AT2020.
Thanks for the input! Love this forum!

I really like the video itself. the sound is a little bit poor on quality but that's something that you can easily uprage
As for the logo, you may wanna try to go with something more professional
But in general, really good job, keep it up :)

I'll look into what happened to the audio.
I know the logo's not the best. I'm not very good with Photoshop or illustrator.

Also: thanks for the feedback!

Turning up the volume I can hear the issue. I had the the 'noise cancelling' setting on the mic on, it was probably trying hard to cancel out the fans. Thanks for all the advice! I'll get cracking at a new logo and do some gameplay videos soon:)

Been using my Audio Technica AT2020 for over 3 years. It's an okay budget mic. It's just not that good when it comes to the range it's capable of picking up. (I like to record music, and it's terrible for vocals.)

Nicely done, like it.
would like to see some more benchmarks of it in the future.

The only thing i could recommend, if you do benchmarks video´s, add a sheet with system specs, before you start benchmarking.
For the rest it looks great to me, for a first timer.

Second attempt.


I like that video better. Right to the point as to results. Like the fact you did three different resolutions and even put in the 4K test AA and NO AA. Very nice to get a feel for what you can expect.
Maybe try doing some benchmarks with modded games so people can see what mods do to a GPU and FPS.

Good Job TheBorgli

It is improving. You are still a bit stiff in front of the camera. Talk to it like you would a friend. Engage us.-

White text up front is never a good idea. There is a reason that programs that hooks into games like Afterburner by default has a ghastly color that is certain not to conflict with the background, ever. This however wont work well for videos and it will look amateurish.

So boxes, opaque, semi-transparent or solid or (stronger)outlined text are among the alternatives that allow you to show off the action, while keeping a nice and clean screen layout with text that is easy to read at any point on the timeline.

Thanks Jim_Jim, I'll add a bunch of mods to Skyrim and do a video on that. I'm thinking it would be better to do only one or two games, that way I can describe things a bit better without it running too long. I.e how it scales better at 4k than 1080p.

Growling_Behemoth, I'll spend some time chatting up the camera ;)

Thanks for the feedback!

One thing I noticed in the second video is the complete silence with the benchmarking results. If you're not going to talk with the results on the screen then you need some background music.

One piece of advice that I've heard for making videos, is that your excitement level is cut in half by the camera, so you need to be extra enthusiastic on camera to appear at your normal enthusiasm level.

Looks great like it ☺
keep up the good work.